The CII Mane Kancor Culinary Competition reaches the final stages

The CII- Mane Kancor competition has successfully completed the preliminary stages with the support of South India’s Chef Association (SICA) curated by Chef Ramu Butler, Vice President, South India Chef’s Association.

We are proud to let you know that Kancor is one of the finalists. Kudos to the entire team for such a huge achievement and we wish you all the best for the finals; the date for which will be announced soon.

The goal of this competition was to discover new culinary talents. Cooking good food requires the perfect blend of art, technology, science and craft. Knowing handy little tricks can make all difference in the way your food tastes.

Watch the wonderful presentation done by Kancor for the dish “Cilantro Rice, Grilled Prawns and Chimichurri Sauce” which was shortlisted in the competition.