Product Name: Organic Menthol Crystals  

Organic Menthol crystals is a natural product obtained by isolation and crystallization of Organic Mentha Arvensis oil which in turn is obtained by the steam distillation of over ground part of organically grown Mentha Arvensis plant. Organic Menthol Crystals are colourless Transparent Crystals, having Sharp, Minty and Lachymetric odour. It melts at about 42°C. It is used in Confectionery, Perfumery, Mouth freshners, Cough Drops, Tobacco Goods, Medicated Oils Tooth pastes, Analgesic Balms, Lotions, Shampoos, Chewing Gums and  Candies applications.

Spec Format Solubility
Purity by GC : Min 99.0% Crystal Oil Soluble
Further customisations are possible.

GC: Gas Chromatography