Product Name: Organic Mentha Arvensis Oil
Botanical Name of Raw Material : Mentha Arvensis

Mentha arvensis, Japanese mint (or Corn mint), is a major source for the ingredients to the flavour and fragrance industry. Mentha arvensis belongs to Lamiaceae family. Mentha Arvensis is a herbaceous perennial plant. Our Organic Mentha arvensis Oil is obtained by steam distillation of the flowering herb of Mentha Arvensis. L-Menthol is the major component of Organic Mentha arvensis oil. It is a colourless or pale yellow liquid. The other main constituents of Organic Mentha arvensis Oil are Terpenes, Menthone, Neomenthol, Methyl acetate, Pulegone. Further processing (chilling) of Organic Cornmint Oil provides Organic menthol crystals and Organic Dementholised mint oil. Organic Cornmint Oil is used in several applications like cosmetics, toothpaste, mouthwash, shaving creams, shampoos, chewing gums, household cleaning products etc.

Spec Format Solubility
L-Menthol   Min 70% Liquid Oil Soluble
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