Product Name: Organic Eucalyptus Oil
Botanical Name of Raw Material : Globulus Labile

Eucalyptus globulus grow as a stunted shrub in extreme environments, such as on rock outcrops. It is adapted to temperate environments with winter rainfall and sufficient summer rainfall, and thrives in the cool zones of tropical mountains. The leaves of Eucalyptus globulus are the principal source of its essential oil. The essential oil of Organic Eucalyptus is obtained by the steam distillation of the fresh leaves of organically grown Eucalyptus Globulus Labille . The oil is colourless to pale yellow in colour with fresh earthy and cooling odor. its main component is 1,8-Cineol. The oil is antiseptic and is used medicinally as a decongestant for treating catarrh, bronchitis and influenza. It is also used in liniments for bruises, sprains and muscular pains, and to make herbal tea infusions.The oil is mainly used in medicinal preparations especially balms , pain relieving formulations.

Spec Format Solubility
Cineole 1,8 ( by GC)  Min 50 % Liquid Oil Soluble
Further customisations are possible.

GC: Gas Chromatography