Product Name: Organic supercritical CO2 Black Pepper Oil Top note
Botanical Name of Raw Material : Piper Nigrum L

Kancor’s Organic Supercritical CO2 Black Pepper Oil Top Note is an aromatic oil, extracted and purified from ground-dried berries of Organically grown black pepper using supercritical CO2. This process, carried out at ambient temperatures and high pressures, avoids loss of aroma and degradation of actives. The product is a free-flowing, colourless to light green liquid, with the pleasing aroma of freshly ground pepper. Furthermore, it is a pure, natural extract, without any preservatives or anti-oxidants.

Spec Format Solubility
Piperine: Max 4%, VOC: Min 90% Free flowing liquid Oil Soluble
Further customisations are possible.

VOC %(ml/100g): Volatile Oil Content