Product Name: Cornmint Oil
Botanical Name of Raw Material: Mentha Arvensis  

Japanese mint (or corn mint), Mentha arvensis, is the source of a major raw material for the flavours and fragrances industry. Mentha arvensis belongs to Lamiaceae family. Mentha Arvensis is a herbaceous perennial plant. Production is now dominated by India. In India, Uttar Pradesh accounts for around 90% of Indian mint production, with the remaining 10% coming from smaller areas in Punjab, Rajasthan etc. It is obtained by steam distillation of the flowering herb of Mentha Arvensis. The main chemical component of Mentha arvensis oil is Menthol. It is a colourless or pale yellow liquid.  It contains 70% to 75% of L-menthol as its main constituent. The other main constituents of Mentha arvensis are Terpenes (alpha Pinene, beta Pinene, Limonene, cineol, octanol) Menthone, Neomenthol, Methyl acetate, Pulegone, pipretone. Steam distillation provides mint oil, and further processing (chilling) provides menthol crystals and dementholised mint oil. Mint is used in cosmetics -toothpaste, mouthwash, shaving creams, shampoos, chewing gums, household cleaning products etc. Our Mentha arvensis Oil complies with IP grade.

Spec Format Solubility
L-Menthol min 72% Liquid Oil Soluble
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