Product Name: Frangipani
Botanical Name of Raw Material: Plumeria Alba 

Nothing evokes a tropical feeling like frangipani. They are universally loved for their scent and beauty. Perfectly shaped plumeria is like a child’s drawing; its colour nuances vary from white, to yellow and pink. Its flowers have soft, fruity, peachy and creamy scents. The fragrance of plumeria in perfumes is often paired with other tropical fruits, especially coconut. Frangipani Concrete is obtained by the solvent extraction of Plumeria Alba. This Concrete further undergoes enrichment extraction to make the concentrated Frangipani Absolute. It has a subtle fragrance that can make one feel comfortable and confident. It has a complex, heavy, sweet and floral fragrance, with a hint of exotic spice. The product is only intended for use in perfumery and incense.

  Spec Format Solubility
Absolute Specific gravity: 0.930 –  1.0550. Refractive Index @ 20° C: 1.5000 – 1.5400 Solid Oil Soluble
Concrete Absolute content: 40 – 50% Solid Oil Soluble
Further customisations are possible.