Product Name: Curry Leaf Oil
Botanical Name of Raw Material: Murraya koenigi 

Curry tree is a small bush, belonging to the famiy of Rutaceae. Curry leaves are also widely used in Ayurveda, as a herbal plant, to keep body and soul in good health. Thus, curry plants are a common sight in the backyards of many rural residences in India. They are a popular seasoning in curries as well. Curry Leaf Oil is obtained by the steam distillation of leaves of Murraya koenigi. The oil is a free-flowing liquid with a colourless to pale yellow appearance. The product is sweet and spicy, with a bitter tone, an odour characteristic of some spices. Its major components are Caryophyllene, beta phylladrene and limonene. The oil is mainly used in flavouring applications.

Spec Format Solubility
beta-phellandrene: 35.0 – 60.0% Liquid Oil Soluble
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