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Oxikan CL

Kancor’s new and completely refined anti-oxidant, OxiKan CL, is a major breakthrough in the field of natural extracts that help prolong shelf life.

pull-quote-text-oxikanclRosemary extracts are used to naturally extend the shelf life of food products. However, its flavour, aroma and colour pose a challenge in its application. OxiKan CL, which is the fully decolourised and deodourised extract of Rosemary, has been specially developed to solve this problem.

Kancor’s OxiKan CL is much ahead of the competition as it is a completely refined extract, consisting of selective non-polar anti-oxidant molecules from Rosemary, uniquely formulated at Kancor. The absence of unwanted molecules such as chlorophyll, carotenoids, xanthophylls and other less oil soluble non-anti-oxidant molecules makes OxiKan CL stand out from the rest.

Value Drivers

  • Completely natural
  • Highly refined selective anti-oxidant composition
  • Excellent oil solubility
  • High heat stability
  • Most suitable for applications which are sensitive to aroma, colour and flavour like speciality fats, Omega 3 fortified products and beverages
Products Spec Range Odour Reduced Colour Reduced Format Solubility
OxiKan CL CA 1%-  5% Fully Deodorised & Deflavoured  Fully Decolourised  Liquid Oil Soluble
OxiKan CLS CA 1%-5% Fully Deodorised Fully Decolourised Liquid Water / Oil Soluble