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OxiKan, a range of natural anti-oxidants extracted from the finest Rosemary offers a way to extend shelf life the natural way, without resorting to artificial or chemical means.

Anti-oxidants are substances that prolong the shelf life of food by delaying the oxidation process. Synthetic anti-oxidants were widely used to arrest undesirable deterioration of food products, but recent research studies indicate that these cause detrimental effects and are viewed as a threat to human health.

pull-quote-text-oxikanKancor has identified ways to tackle oxidation in food by providing natural solutions.

It all started with the enquiry for a shelf life enhancement solution in a meat product. Kancor’s R&D team tried to understand the customer’s requirements and performed application studies totest thesolutions fortheir oxidation management problems. Thus,OxiKan was born,a range of natural anti-oxidants extracted from the finest Rosemary. In-house research has identified three main principles in Rosemary – Carnosic Acid, Carnosol and Rosmarinic Acid that inhibit the oxidation of other molecules by being oxidised themselves. This helped in extending the shelf life of the product by fighting rancidity in oils and fats and stabilising natural colours.

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