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Encapsulated Oleoresin

Encapsulated Oleoresin is Kancor’s delivery platform that captures the essential oils, oleoresins and natural food colours in the highly stable encapsulated format. Encapsulated Oleoresin retains the character of the spice(s) in their natural form while providing the user with the convenience of active delivery. The product is designed for single and multiple active ingredient solutions. Micro Encapsulation is the process by which tiny solid particles or droplets of liquid are surrounded by a coating to give micro capsules.

Main purposes of microencapsulation are to

  • Increase stability and shelf life
  • Control the liberation of the core material

Kancor uses different carriers for encapsulation, which enables customisation for different end applications. Spray drying is employed as the encapsulation method. Microencapsulation offers high active component loading, protection against flavour loss and provide convenience in storage, handling and operations.

Encapsulated Oleoresins can be used as an ingredient for seasonings and spice mixes, instant beverages, confectionary etc.


  • Gum acacia
  • Modified Starch
  • Maltodextrin

Value Drivers

  • Controlled flavour release
  • High loading of active component
  • Protection against flavour loss
  • Flexibility in application
  • High shelf life
  • Low microbial activity
  • High thermal and UV stability
  • Savings in inventory cost due to high replacement strength w.r.t ground spices