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Roasted Spice Oleoresins

Kancor’s proprietary product, Roasted Spice Oleoresins create perfect cooked flavour notes every time, to your exact specifications. Made by sautéing and roasting of raw materials, followed by extraction, these unique products recreate household culinary flavours industrially.

pull-quote-text-roastedRoasted Spice Oleoresins: This exclusive range of oleoresins from Kancor deliver unique roasted notes.

Kancor’s roasting technology has been perfected over the years to deliver regulatory compliant roasted notes. This process does not involve any chemical synthesis or formulations and creates unique, high impact natural flavour and aroma compounds that are validated by state-of-the-art analytical tools.

Value Drivers

  • Unique, natural roasted profiles
  • Consistent flavour profiles
  • Varietal applications
  • Excellent flavour delivery
  • Low microbial load compared to raw/ground spice
  • Economical cost in use
  • Available in liquid and dry forms
  • Customisable for specific product applications

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