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Product Name: Cocoa Extracts

Cocoa plays major role in the flavour industry. Research has proven that cocoa is full of wholesome goodness – a bunch of anti-oxidants, a pinch of polyphenols and plenty of anti-carcinogens. Kancor’s cocoa extracts are made from specially selected parts of cocoa, extracted and concentrated under vacuum. This process preserves the true cocoa flavour profile.

Value Drivers

  • Flavour booster
  • Provides standardised flavours
  • No sedimentation
  • More intense in flavour and virtually fat free
Product Name Format Solubility Certifications
COCOA RICH  Liquid  Water Soluble  HALAL/KOSHER
COCOA MR  Liquid  Water Soluble  HALAL/KOSHER
COCOA MILD  Liquid  Water Soluble  HALAL/KOSHER