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Cocoa Extracts

Kancor’s cocoa extracts are made from specially selected parts of cocoa, extracted and concentrated under vacuum. This process preserves the true cocoa flavour profile.

Cocoa plays major role in the flavour industry. Research has proven that cocoa is full of wholesome goodness – a bunch of anti-oxidants, a pinch of polyphenols and plenty of anti-carcinogens.

Value Drivers

  • Flavour booster
  • Provides standardised flavours
  • No sedimentation
  • More intense in flavour and virtually fat free
Product Name Format Solubility Certifications
COCOA RICH  Liquid  Water Soluble  HALAL/KOSHER
COCOA MR  Liquid  Water Soluble  HALAL/KOSHER
COCOA MILD  Liquid  Water Soluble  HALAL/KOSHER

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Kancor’s cocoa extracts superior to others in the market?
Kancor’s cocoa extracts are made from specially selected parts of cocoa, after cleaning, roasting, shelling and grinding the cocoa. Traditionally impact mills were used to separate the acetic acid from cocoa, but today vacuum mills are used. This produces a purer sample of cocoa extract that results in obtaining a true cocoa flavour.

Why are cocoa extracts increasing in relevance today?
Apart from being completely irresistible in any form to consume; Cocoa is also a rich source of polyphenol, that studies have shown is an antioxidant and a powerful deterrent to cancer. Thus demand for concentrated cocoa flavour have increased.

How does Kancor extract True Cocoa flavour from Cocoa?
The acetic acids released during the grinding process need to be extracted as this could have a detrimental effect on the true cocoa flavour of the finished product. Today this is achieved with the vacuum pump.