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The natural food colour range from Kancor – C-Capture, colours the world’s leading food and beverage brands, keeping them appetising, vibrant and natural. The colour of food and beverages is a prelude to nutrition and good taste. A product that is not attractive to look at might never get tasted, making colour critical to product perception. .

Kancor, a manufacturer of natural pigments for over a century, is committed to providing safe and natural colour for food and beverage industries.

Consumers avoid ingredients they perceive as unhealthy. This trend has led to a shift towards colours that are derived from natural pigments.

Kancor’s expertise in in-house extraction, isolation, purification and blending processes creates shades that are consistent in hue and stable in virtually any food and beverage matrix.

C-CAPTURE’s colour stabilisation process is a synergistic play of carefully controlling the processing technology on one hand and the addition of an in-house functional ingredient, OxiKan, on the other. Kancor uses advanced, controlled size technology that creates formulations without the addition of extra ingredients. This minimises the instability caused by these ingredients interacting with each other and with the food matrix.

Value Drivers

  • Stable in the food and beverage matrix
  • Hue consistency ensured through advanced colourimetric measurements
  • Chroma enhancing dispersion technology
  • Oxidation prevention mechanism

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