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Spice Oleoresins

Kancor’s Oleoresins provide consistency in taste and aroma, keeping it true to its origin. Kancor’s expertise in sourcing and extraction is reflected in the quality of oleoresins that it manufactures.

Oleoresins are the concentrated liquid form of raw materials. They are obtained by solvent extraction followed by removal of the solvent. It contains the volatile as well as non-volatile constituents. Kancor reproduces the character of the respective raw materials fully.

Oleoresins can replace whole/ground spices without impairing any flavour and aroma characteristics. Kancor’s spice Oleoresins are versatile products that can be used in their existing form or blended with natural spices to act as a base for a variety of seasonings, flavours and perfumes.

Value Drivers

  • Consistency in flavour
  • Convenient to use
  • Customisable
  • Longer shelf life
  • Low microbial load compared to raw/ground spice

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oleoresin?
Spices comprises of volatile oils contributing to aroma and resinoids contributing to taste. A combination of taste and aroma is flavour. Oleoresins are spice extracts containing the volatile as well as non-volatile constituents of spices (raw materials) with variety of uses in F & B sector.

Which Oleoresins do Kancor specialise in?
At Kancor, we’ve been in the business of natural ingredient solutions for close to five decades now. In this time, we have specialised in a range of Oleoresins from pepper, turmeric ginger, nutmeg, capsicum, paprika garlic, cumin, celery, mustard, cinnamon; to name a few. The key highlight is that we make sure that it’s true to origin by maintaining the taste and aroma. Our expertise in sourcing and extraction is reflected in the quality of oleoresins produced.

How are Oleoresins produced?
Through a method called solvent extraction. Solvent extraction is used to recover the active ingredients from the raw materials. Organic solvents are used as medium for extracting the required active components. The resultant miscella is subjected to de-solventisation process there by delivering products commonly known as oleoresins with minimal solvent residues. Oleoresins meet all customer and regulatory requirements and can replace whole/ground spices.

What is meant by Solvent extraction?
Solvent extraction is a method through which compounds are separated based on their solubility in immiscible liquids.

What level of customisations are possible for Oleoresins?
The level of customisations are virtually endless. Over the last 50 years we have specialised in delivering some of the most demanding orders both in quantity and specialisation parameters. Every customer requirement is unique and special to us; we manufacture oleoresins meeting the required customer specification. With multiple quality checks at each level, from sourcing, to solvent extraction and blending; we excel at delivering excellent oleoresin products. With Industry demand for specialised food ingredient solutions on the rise, Kancor Oleoresins have evolved to offer our spice extracts in water and oil soluble form. We also have it in powder form with our delivery platforms GranOR and PlatOR which are multi-platform compatible. We also offer innovative concentrated multi-spice blocks through our flavour building blocks – TastyKan.