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Floral Extracts

Kancor delivers a range of top of the line floral extracts from freshly harvested blooms of exceptional quality, coupled with sophisticated processing technology. Kancor’s floral extracts enhance fragrance delivery in the end product and have a wide scope of application in cosmetics, aromatherapy and perfumery.

Floral Concretes and Floral Absolutes are obtained in a two-stage process of floral extraction. Aroma compounds from flora are difficult to recover, especially because these compounds are sensitive towards steam. To capture these breath-taking aromas, Kancor carefully controls the process conditions, while isolating them using solvent extraction.

In the first stage, fresh, harvested blooms are solvent extracted to get Floral Concretes. Concretes are more true to natural fragrances and are mostly used in cosmetic applications.

In the second stage, Concrete is subjected to enrichment extraction to obtain Floral Absolutes. An Absolute is the most concentrated form of a fragrance and is mostly used in the perfume industry.