Product Name: Basil Oil
Botanical Name of Raw Material: Oscimum basilicum

Basil is a culinary herb from the family of Lamiaceae (mints). Basil essential oil is obtained from the overground parts of Oscimum basilicum by steam distillation. It is pale yellow to brownish yellow in colour and has a naturally sweet, herbaceous and balsamic odour with a tinge of camphor. It is the main source for methyl chavicol. The major components of Basil oil are methyl chavicol, linalool and other terpenes. The product is majorly used in flavouring ingredients for confectionery, baked food, condimentary, sausages etc. The oil is also used to impart flavour to certain dental and oral products.

Spec Format Solubility
Methyl chavicol: Min 70.0% Liquid Oil Soluble
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